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Utility Law

Steve Doucette has been involved with the electric utility industry since 1989 when he became part of Massachusetts Electric Company’s in-house legal staff. He represented Massachusetts Electric Company and New England Power Company (now National Grid) in numerous serious personal injury and property damage lawsuits. These included severe electrical contact injuries, wrongful death claims and large property damage claims. He was the lead counsel on all of these cases for both the trial and appellate process. In addition to the litigation matters, he represented Massachusetts Electric in its energy theft claims, their OSHA matters, and was the responsible attorney for prosecuting and defending DigSafe related property damage claims. Steve started his own firm in 2000 and has continued to represent National Grid in a variety of legal matters. Steve’s operational knowledge of the electric utility industry is unmatched in Massachusetts’ legal profession.

Doucette & LaRose also represents many of Massachusetts’ municipal electric departments on a variety of matters. Steve has provided general legal advice on customer service matters, operational issues, easements, labor issues and general litigation support services. Recently Steve led the push back against insurance companies for their refusal to pay invoices for automobile – pole hit claims. He is also providing advice to many systems as to how to properly defend power surge and broken neutral property damage claims. Steve provides what he describes as operational general counsel services to his clients. His forte is to provide timely but yet thorough responses to his clients’ questions. He prides himself on his ability to find a way to achieve his clients’ objectives.